Janette Klein

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My Testimonials

I have lived in the Destin area since 1977. I am a full time professional real estate agent constantly striving to improve the quality of life for my family, friends and clientele. I am committed to advanced knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry through continual education and extensive market research. I am service oriented and go the extra mile to help others find the property suited for their lifestyle.

Jim Wilson, Jr.
Montgomerty , AL

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a wonderful job one of your sales reps has done for us. Janette Klein recently represented us in the purchase of a Martinique unit on Gulf Shore Drive in Destin. Prior to the closing of this project I became critically ill and was in the hospital for 10 days. Janette used her ingenuity and was able to get out telephone in operation and most importantly, since the TV cable would not be installed right away, she got us a temporary hook-up. I have known Janette for quite a few years and purchased our Shoreline property from her, listed a lot with her, and had her represent us in this recent purchase. She has gone far and beyond the call of duty and does an outstanding job representing your company.

Terry Dan
Memphis, TN

As a land developer and home builder for 21 years I come in contact with real estate agents on a daily basis. I have sold over 1200 new homes with either one or two agents involved in each sale. I can honestly say that I have never encountered an agent who has been more responsive, helpful and professional. My wife Sharon shares my sentiments. It will be my pleasure to refer you to anyone needing real estate assistance

Francis Wadley
Milan, TN

Janette helped with all aspects of the purchase and closing, and she helped with getting good people for decorating and other services. She suggested a church, where to eat, and generally saw us through this big experience. I sell real estate, too, and I wish that I felt as good about my abilities as I feel about hers. Janette is a professional in every sense.